‘Don’t have permission to have a dream’: MLK memorial Barry-caded [pics]

http://twitter.com/#!/iowahawkblog/status/385554681528737793 Yep. Yet another memorial being held for ransom by the Obama administration. http://twitter.com/#!/CanOfSpaghetti/status/385052837107212288 http://twitter.com/#!/CanOfSpaghetti/status/385170528681857024 http://twitter.com/#!/NickWTOP/status/384989900585459712 And the Barry-cades are up. http://twitter.com/#!/nycsouthpaw/status/385772313305559040 This Twitter user put it in a sad nutshell: http://twitter.com/#!/OrwellForce/status/385772140114374656 And this one has a key exit question: http://twitter.com/#!/AppFlyer/status/385768584624238592 Huh. http://twitter.com/#!/wrfoster3/status/385450778217168896 Bingo. It’s not surprising coming from an administration that claims the @FLOTUS […]


This Is What People Really Think Of 15 Famous Scientists, According To Google Search

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Apparently, a lot of people want to bone David Attenborough. 1. The only thing that’s true on this list is Time Lord. Bill Nye is a Time Lord. View this image › Google / Via Google View this image › BigThink / Via media.giphy.com 2. Carl Sagan is in hell, obviously. View this image › […]