Hamas holds press conference, promises ‘video that will shock Israel’

http://twitter.com/#!/AlqassamBrigade/status/269917157771599873 Al Qassam Brigades, the paramilitary wing of Hamas, held a press conference late Saturday night in Gaza, promising an “important video message” that would shock Israel. Al Qassam Brigades to air an exclusive video at the end of its press conference tonight.#Gaza #gazaUnderattack #Palestine #Hamas #Israel — Alqassam Brigades (@AlqassamBrigade) November 17, 2012 People […]


‘OUCH!’ Sci-fi author John Scalzi trolls Star Wars fans on #StarWarsDay

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@scalzi /OUCH/, John. Tell us how you really feel. — Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) May 5, 2014 As some of you may know, yesterday was “Star Wars Day.” May the fourth be with you. Get it? Science fiction author John Scalzi, perhaps best known for his “Old Man’s War” series, took the occasion to troll […]


Which “Friends” Sofa Are You?

Pivot! View this image › Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Which “Friends” Sofa Are You? You got: Central Perk Sofa Despite being in a public area, you only ever get an action from the same people. Maybe that means you’re horrified of change or you’re going […]


Big gov’t fan Sally Kohn wonders why conservatives ‘suddenly TRUST govt’

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@sallykohn Couldn't the reverse be said about progressives? It's tragic regardless of ideology… — Steve Rubick (@stu9402) October 9, 2014 The investigation into the shooting of an 18-year-old black male by an off-duty police officer that sparked protest last night hasn’t been completed, but Sally Kohn wants to know why “smaller government” conservatives aren’t already […]