Big freaky puppet inspires Sally Kohn to deem #FergusonOctober ‘beautiful’

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http://twitter.com/#!/Me_In_Jersey/status/521064221837385728 It’s another day of #FergusonOctober, and today the rioters cleared off the streets long enough to allow a feel-good rally. As September’s People’s Climate March demonstrated, it’s not a serious rally until someone breaks out the big freaky puppets. Art in motion for the #FergusonOctober march pic.twitter.com/ZKBnOrJqsN — Amanda M. Sakuma (@iamsakuma) October 11, 2014 #FergusonOctober […]


Amanda Marcotte confirms Twitchy living rent-free in her spacious head


http://twitter.com/#!/TwitchyTeam/status/410556486318698496 While celebrating the sale of Twitchy to Salem Communications yesterday, we thought we take some time to thank some of the more memorable, but dim-witted subjects of our posts. We wouldn’t want to be ungrateful for all the entertainment they’ve provided for us! As far as we can tell, uber-liberal Amanda Marcotte got a few […]


Brazilian tourists kidnapped near Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

http://twitter.com/#!/Repent11/status/181402138331709440 Here’s the Twitter report from sources with knowledge on the situation: Two Brazilian tourists kidnapped by Bedouin in Sinai, one source says they're teenage girls — Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush) March 18, 2012 The Brazilian tourists kidnapped in Sinai were returning from St catherine in a bus. Two armed men abducted them, drove off to […]