Obama lies about Romney’s position on auto bailouts, conservatives hit back

http://twitter.com/#!/GOP/status/260724755253063680 During last night’s debate, ostensibly on foreign policy, the subject of the auto industry bailouts came up. Barack Obama insisted that Mitt Romney had said that he would have liquidated the auto industry, or at least fiddled while it burned. Governor Romney asserted that he’d said no such thing. A transcript of the exchange […]


Here’s One Of The Most Terrifying Creatures Of The Deep…Good Luck Sleeping Tonight

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Even though they’re technically parts of our planet, certain regions of the ocean look like they’re from another world entirely. Based on all of the creepy videos floating around out there, our oceans are filled with aliens. Don’t believe me? Then check out this eerie footage of a monkfish that was captured 80 miles off […]


Brandon Jacobs released by Giants

http://twitter.com/#!/AdamSchefter/status/178224040404725761 In a surprise release, the New York Giants have decided to cut their bruising running back Brandon Jacobs. With all of the free agent running backs out there today, he could end up just about anywhere. Since he is a straight-line runner, he’ll likely have to share the workload regardless. Brandon Jacobs is one […]


‘Murdered babies won’t get justice’: Twitter reacts to Gosnell acquittals

http://twitter.com/#!/jdmullane/status/326730361633648640 Editor’s note: On Wednesday, the judge reinstated the murder charge concerning a baby who reportedly breathed for 20 minutes after delivery in Gosnell’s house of horrors. However, he dismissed another murder charge. Unbelievable. Breaking, and heartbreaking, news out of the trial of Kermit Gosnell today. The judge heard acquittal motions: Reporters on-the-scene tweet the news. […]


Former Batmen Val Kilmer, Adam West throw support behind Ben Affleck

http://twitter.com/#!/ValEKilmer/status/371045024168833024 The public hadn’t given much thought to the next actor to play Batman on the big screen, but when Ben Affleck was named last night in a surprise announcement, casting for the “Man of Steel” sequel escalated to the level of a national crisis. The #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck hashtag is still trending nearly 24 hours later, but […]