GM Mustard report was not shared with GEAC members before it was released: Scientist – Times of India

A day after the environment ministry released a “Safety assessment report of the sub-committee on GM mustard” which concluded that the transgenic crop has cleared all safety tests and is safe for human consumption, a Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) member and noted molecular biologist, Pushpa M Bhargava said the report wasn’t shared or discussed […]


Drudge scores laughs with McCain photo, headline: ‘Old bulls buck Rand stand’

http://twitter.com/#!/BenHowe/status/309726410560380928 For the win, indeed. Earlier, Matt Drudge dinged the “old guard,” including Sens. Graham and McCain as “yesterday’s mashed potatoes.” Now, he scores big with that headline and photo choice. As Twitchy reported, Sen. McCain blasted Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster as “ridiculous.” Twitter users are gasping for breath. https://twitter.com/anthropocon/status/309727037269098497 https://twitter.com/sunnyright/status/309727559279591424 https://twitter.com/DLoesch/status/309726035363106816 https://twitter.com/Rschrim/status/309726406189928448 https://twitter.com/DougHarrisIII/status/309727550417031168 https://twitter.com/MeredithAncret/status/309726266976788480 […]