Toss the bouquet. It’s bonsai for the bride – Times of India

It’s an idea that’s evidently taking root. A family in Chennai recently gave away more than 100 potted plants as return wedding gifts. A Bengaluru company gifted 300 pots of calathea zebrina to clients. An automaker in Mumbai placed orders for 5,000 flowering plants to give visitors at a business fair. Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Toss-the-bouquet-Its-bonsai-for-the-bride/articleshow/53723514.cms


Ferguson ‘activist’: ‘I know the National Guard is going to shoot to kill’

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http://twitter.com/#!/chrysanthevonne/status/501478564571918336 The curfew has been lifted, but the Missouri National Guard is arriving in Ferguson, Mo. http://twitter.com/#!/tuxKSDK/status/501423813809410048 As Twitchy reported, public reaction was exactly as expected: a barrage of F-bombs against the National Guard. The wild rhetoric has escalated, unfortunately, with one “activist” telling MSNBC’s Zachary Roth that he’s “prepared to fucking die tonight.” http://twitter.com/#!/cjacuff/status/501478791584423936 http://twitter.com/#!/organicdemocrat/status/501479139342548992 http://twitter.com/#!/mikelkaz/status/501480258889990145 […]


#ObamaNeedsFriends: Twitterers offer a glimpse into Obama’s lonely existence

http://twitter.com/#!/anamariecox/status/290875477877477377 As Twitchy reported, President Obama took some time at today’s presser to lament his loneliness. But what’s it really like to be so solitary? Twitterers — including media lapdogs! — are shining a light on the secret life of America’s loneliest leader: @barackobama For the last time stop inviting me over to play Mario […]


‘Thank you for serving’: Waitress picks up tab for furloughed soldiers

http://twitter.com/#!/cmcl5/status/388763329922990080 The government shutdown has seen ordinary citizens stepping up to pick up the slack. Twitchy told you about the South Carolina man who decided to head to D.C. to mow the lawn in front of the Lincoln Memorial himself, and today the story of a generous waitress in Concord, N.H., is going viral. This […]