You Need To See This Magical Concept Art Of Disneyland

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It was meant to be The Happiest Place on Earth from the beginning. 1. Everyone knows Disneyland is The Happiest Place on Earth. View this image › Handout / Getty Images But what a lot of people DON’T know is the amazing effort that went into making the park as magical as it is today! […]


Sarah Palin wants @AZEALIABANKS’ help ‘condoning’ racism

ICYMI, rapper Azelia Banks had some tough words for Sarah Palin last night, insinuating that Palin should be “gang raped” by black men over her past comments on race. Rapper @AZEALIABANKS: Sarah Palin needs to be gang-raped by group of black men: "Film it and put it on worldstar" https://t.co/AyfPiTbmC7 — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) April […]