Brilliant! John Ondrasik suggests sure-fire way to get Gitmo detainees to crack

http://twitter.com/#!/johnondrasik/status/391228129185787904 Zing! It’s the perfect plan! There’s nothing like chronic Healthcare.gov fail to break a terrorist’s spirit. http://twitter.com/#!/Matt_Given/status/391228942612328448 *** Related: Singer John Ondrasik: ‘I applaud the pick of Paul Ryan for VP’ Awesome: Musician John Ondrasik holding benefit concert for West, Texas John Ondrasik thinks it’s the people’s turn to audit the IRS John Ondrasik: A right-wing Alec […]


Another leftist lie: Paul Ryan ‘wants to end Medicare’

http://twitter.com/#!/venice4change/status/234133962715447296 Faced with the likelihood that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will select Paul Ryan to be his running mate, liberals are portraying Rep. Ryan as a radical thinker who “wants to end Medicare”: "@mombizzz: Paul Ryan is the WORST VP Pick Ever!!!!" Not for the Dems! Ryan wants to end Medicare and Social […]


Mitt Romney visits Disneyland, is spotted by everyone

http://twitter.com/#!/MouseWait/status/270959358114922496 Mitt Romney visited Disneyland today, and while many did their best to outdo the snarky comments they’d made earlier in the day when a photo of the former GOP candidate pumping gas made the rounds, others were sincerely thrilled to see Romney back in the public eye. Mitt Romney is at Disneyland twitter.com/CleatChaser_15… — […]