Boof! ‘All that gangsta s**t’ in rap is making Chris Brown sick

http://twitter.com/#!/chrisbrown/status/370710306390945792 Rap mogul Russell Simmons’ interview with CNN’s Don Lemon was taped today but doesn’t air until Saturday. Presumably the two hashed out their differences over black culture, which got ugly when Simmons called Lemon a “slave” for urging black youth to pull up their pants and stay in school. In the meantime, R&B singer […]


Twittersphere helps restore @Instapundit to Glenn Reynolds; followers lost

http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/230277785661362177 Indeed! As Twitchy reported yesterday, Twitter users coordinated an effort to restore the @Instapundit Twitter handle to Instapundit Glenn Reynolds. You see, for a while the trademarked name was used by a fan. The fan just used it as an RSS feed for Instapundit posts, which was, of course, fine with Mr. Reynolds. However, […]


Friedman truth! Stossel shreds government programs with one tweet-quote

http://twitter.com/#!/FBNStossel/status/360097939185602560 Amen. http://twitter.com/#!/Ron_Ewing/status/360098369294712832 Truth never goes out of style and neither does FBN’s John Stossel. Keep the truth-tweets coming, sir. Related: ‘Amen!’ John Stossel scores with reminder of something the government can do ‘Love it!’: John Stossel schools Obama on smarter government with one tweet John Stossel tweets list of ‘100 things I hate about government’ Ben Bernanke says […]


Kanye West: ‘Black Skinhead’ video leak is ‘heartbreaking’

http://twitter.com/#!/kanyewest/status/354690393985658881 Rapper Kanye West had some hash words for whoever leaked an unfinished version of his video for “Black Skinhead” to the Internet. His anger is understandable, too: the clip, apparently ripped from a Universal Music Group staging site where videos are posted for client review, was immediately deemed “a cheapo CG nightmare” by SPIN […]


Check out how protesters in Hong Kong clean up after themselves! [photos]

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http://twitter.com/#!/christiiineeee/status/516585038310162432 As Twitchy noted during the “People’s Climate March,” protesters in New York City left quite a mess after they were done demonstrating to save the planet. Not so in Hong Kong where those protesting the authoritarian rule of mainland China are giving the world a lesson in “civil” civil-disobedience and showing just how easy […]