#ObamaCountrySongLyrics: Achy breaky presidency

http://twitter.com/#!/GPollowitz/status/255371334757011458   Heh. President Obama is a subject that is ready-made for country songs. Some Twitter users thought of some achy breaky lyrics for his use. They are givers! https://twitter.com/GPollowitz/status/255371124668514304 https://twitter.com/maryclimer/status/255372203401551873 https://twitter.com/Closetrighty/status/255372721704292352 https://twitter.com/NathanWurtzel/status/255373790316478464 https://twitter.com/NathanWurtzel/status/255374963496865792 More, please, Twitter. We smell a Grammy!   Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/08/obamacountrysonglyrics-achy-breaky-presidency/


Who’s sighing now? Joe Biden 2012 = Al Gore 2000?

http://twitter.com/#!/soylentbeige/status/256570076898156545 Apparently Joe Biden’s debate prep did not include watching the George W. Bush-Al Gore debates from 2000. That’s when Gore got slammed for his frequent, exaggerated sighs. Remember? Now Joe is getting the same response — only magnified, thanks to Twitter: OFF CAMERA: Will Biden be challenging Al Gore’s 2000 sighs and head shaking […]