Here's What Happens When You Put A Few Little Kids In A Room With 2 Dolls In 2 Different Colors

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A child in a room with two dolls: one light-skinned, the other dark-skinned. A researcher asking questions. The answers may shock you, but should they really? We know that discrimination and racial stereotypes are still pervasive. What surprised me most about this, though, was that such young children are criticizing their own skin colors so […]


Here's The Rundown On Black Women's Hairstyles. Now Get Why Banning Them Is So Stupid?

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As someone who’s had dreads (there’s nothing dreadful about my hair) locs* for more than 10 years, I’ve heard every question, misconception, and regulation surrounding my hair. (Yes, it’s real. No, you cannot touch it.) As they say, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, which is why this “Daily Show” segment on […]