Rick Santorum Attacked John McCain For His Temper In 2008 Romney Robocall

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s temper has been the news this morning for attacking a New York Times reporter who questioned characterization of Mitt Romney as the “worst Republican” to run. Santorum snapped at to the reporter saying “quit distorting my words It’s bullshit.” But in 2008 Santorum, then a avid Romney for President surrogate, […]


CNN Anchor Says “Anyway You Slice It” Three Times In 10 Seconds Discussing Beheading

John Berman, host of This Hour somehow used the phrase “anyway you slice it” three times in 10 seconds while discussing the Oklahoma beheading: Video available at: http://buzzfeed-video1.s3.amazonaws.com/video/2014/09/30/CNN_09-30-2014_114733-426×240.mp4. He’s already apologized: John Berman @JohnBerman Follow @megroh I wish I hadn’t. I feel horribly. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (bfjs.isMobile() || !isIE8()) document.getElementById(“update_tweet_posted_time_3923696”).setAttribute(‘title’, ‘Time posted: ‘ + […]


Members Of Congress React To The Oscars

1. Elizabeth Warren rooted for native Massachusetts resident Ben Affleck to win. View this image › 2. Niki Tosangas supported “Invisible War,” a documentary about sexual assault in the military she has often cited to raise awareness. View this image › 3. Congressman Mike Turner was also rooting for the film. View this image › […]